Course Introduction

You have an innovative service or product and a prospect who is interested, engaged, and within your target market. You are in the middle of your sales pitch and things seem to be going well. All of a sudden, you start to pick up on some hesitation. Often, this uncertainty can turn into a full-blown sales objection. Your prospect isn't entirely sure your offering is necessary, provides good value, or is something they can afford.

Not all of your clients will immediately buy what you’re offering without a strong sales pitch. In fact, a large number will need to be convinced and reassured. If, after a sales objection, you don’t possess the skills or confidence to pivot the conversation back to purchase, you’ll lose the sale. If this becomes a persistent issue, it will sap your energy and confidence, jeopardizing your ability to close the next sale.

Everyone experiences sales objections. Even seasoned sales professionals have had their fair share of objections. As a coach or consultant running a business, you’re also a salesperson, and you need a strategy to handle objections and move forward. If you have an action plan to identify and understand the root of common objections and the tools to skillfully address them, you’ll be able to expertly navigate objections and close the sale.


Here is your Roadmap through the course:

Learning Objectives:

By the time you complete this course, you'll be able to:

  • Recognize why your clients buy from you and why relationship and trust building techniques can overcome objections
  • Identify the five types of sales objections and how they relate to your business
  • Establish a positive objection-handling mindset so you can modify your behaviors triggered by sales objections
  • Skillfully handle sales objections using a proven step-by-step process, so you can quickly and confidently address any roadblocks in real time
  • Seamlessly integrate answers to common sales objections into your sales pitch
  • Apply ‘Objection Prevention’ strategies to avoid objections, reduce stress, and speed up the sales process
  • Bring everything you’ve learned together to build your confidence in overcoming objections, so you can secure more sales


This course is broken down into 7 modules to take you step-by-step through overcoming the most common sales objections you’ll encounter in your business.

The modules follow a logical order, so while you can skip around if you want, it’s best to work through them one at a time.

As you go through each module, use your Action Guide to help you complete the Action Steps at the end of each.


  1. Before we start the course, take a minute to think about what you want to get out of it.
  2. In the Action Guide, write down three skills you expect to gain.

Now that you’re clear about what you want this course to deliver, we can get started.