There are so many joys to starting and running your own coaching or consulting business.

But you quickly realize that the hunt for new clients never ends.

You need to be out there constantly generating leads even when you have plenty of work to keep you busy. It takes time to nurture relationships, and you never know when you’ll bump into a lucrative business opportunity. Here are 7 solid methods for finding new clients that you can start using immediately.

Photo: Bruce Mars (Unsplash)

Referrals: Ask for them

What do happy and satisfied clients do? They tell others about you, and the new person already knows in a heartbeat the unique value you offer. We usually wait for referrals to naturally occur, but it’s even better to ask for them proactively. Make it a regular part of your business operations. Whenever you receive positive feedback from a client, ask if there’s anyone they know who could use the help too.

Social Media Groups:Join Them

You can rarely leave a business conversation without it touching on social media in one way, shape or form.It’s essential for finding new clients, but are you active in groups? There are groups dedicated to every single topic of interest on these platforms. These are places where people get together and discuss common interests. If you’re active there, you’ll raise your visibility.

Industry Events: Speak at Them

Speaking in public may scare the pants off you, but once you get started and find your natural speaking groove, it gets so much easier.

Find online and offline (when that option is safe and available) industry events and trade shows to speak at. Share your expertise with people and you’ll find new clients. Give a presentation on a topic related to the work you do, then encourage participants to follow you online. By teaching them, you’ve already started the relationship by giving them something of value they can use.

Webinars: Run Them

What’s even better than speaking at industry events?Holding your own educational events online through webinars. The great thing about webinars is that you don’t have to attend physically. They are low-cost and people from anywhere in the world can join. While you share your expertise with participants, you can start building a relationship with them.

Press Releases:Put Them Out There

It’s a timeless strategy – writing a distributing press releases related to your business.Whenever there’s any news relevant to your business or your industry, put out a press release. There are directories where you can publish press releases online and media outlets will pick them up. You can also use press releases as content on your website or social media.

Guest Blog Posts: Write Them

Start with ensuring you have your own blog that runs with fresh content.

Then consider guest blogging – it helps you reach a new audience with your expertise. Reach out to blogs in your niche with a pitch for a post and see if they’ll publish it. They get a free piece of high-quality content and you get exposure to their audience. Approach guest blogging strategically, writing and publishing on a regular basis to high-traffic blogs.

Information Products: Create Them

The beauty of the virtual business world is the ability to create and share digital products with your ideal audience.Pay it forward by offering free information products. Info products are cheap and easy to produce. They can be published on your website and other places online for potential clients to download and enjoy in exchange for their email address. You can then market to them through email.

Strategic Marketing Mix: Just Do It!

New marketing channels and strategies are always surfacing.You need to be on the pulse and look out for them. Add them to your mix one by one and monitor the results. Gradually, you’ll have a whole toolkit of techniques to help find new clients.